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Dec 24

method overloading and overriding in .net

Overloading vs Overriding Conceptually overloading and overriding is way different. Only the notion about interface name is same in both cases. Other than that, you cannot find a common thing between them. Overloading is using the same interface but with different inputs and getting different behaviour as output. Slightly confusing right. I hope by end …

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Dec 10

QTP Material

Prerequisites: a) Software Testing Principles & Practices b) Programming Fundamentals c) Database Fundamentals ******************************************************************* Introduction & QTP Test Process —————————————————————————– Overview on Test Automation & Types of Test Tool §         Drawbacks of Manual Testing §         Advantages of Test Automation §         Drawbacks of Test Automation §         Types of Test Tool (Business Classification) §         Types of Test …

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