Feb 22

How to convert mm-dd-yyyy to mm-yyyy in sql server

Hi,In this article I will going to explain you how to convert ‘MM-DD-yyyy’ to ‘MMM-yyyy’

Every developer will face problem while converting date-time, I am keeping query to convert Datetime

Eg:  (’12/01/2013 AM 12:00:00′)  to (‘Dec – 2013′)


[code language=”sql”]

SELECT LEFT(DATENAME(MONTH ,CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), ’12/01/2013 AM 12:00:00′,112)),3)

+’ – ‘+ DATENAME(YEAR,CONVERT(VARCHAR(10), ’12/01/2013 AM 12:00:00’, 112))



Dec – 2013



Happy Coding!!!!!


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