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Aug 02

crystal report in

Hi, I this post i will explain how to create a simple crystal report. 1.Open VS studio a new window application. 3.Drag and drop a Crystal report viewer from the tools( under Reporting). 4.Place a button in the form. 5.Double click on button. using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.ComponentModel; using System.Data; using System.Drawing; using …

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Apr 19

Ms Report Expression to hide data column if data doesn’t exist

In some cases data will not exist(ex:fax no may consist or may not consist in offices)at that time fax column will appear empty its looks odd in your report so we have to hide the fax column by using the below expression: [code language=”csharp”] IIF(First(Fields!FAX.Value, "Info_TBL_CLIENTMASTER") Is Nothing,".",","+System.Environment.NewLine +"FAX :"+ Format(First(Fields!FAX.Value, "Info_TBL_CLIENTMASTER"))+".") [/code]

Dec 24

Ms Report Expression to Print line by line

To print data by line by line we have use this expression:   =First(Fields!ADDRESSLINE_1.Value, “Info_TBL_CLIENTMASTER”)+”,”+System.Environment.NewLine+First(Fields!ADDRESSLINE_2.Value, “Info_TBL_CLIENTMASTER”)+”,”+System.Environment.NewLine +First(Fields!ADDRESSLINE_3.Value, “Info_TBL_CLIENTMASTER”)+”,”+System.Environment.NewLine+”Tel :”+First(Fields!PHONE_1.Value, “Info_TBL_CLIENTMASTER”) Happy Coding!!! Admin